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Beauty and All Sizes

If you don’t know, be certain that you are treasured enough that God would live within you.

I wish to promote body positivity and acceptance through my work. I start with doing self portraits. We are all beautiful in all shapes and sizes.

Summertime Past

I welcome Bloom, an amazing artist who also works to promote body positivity through her. The following is her journey:

I have always struggled with low self esteem, always wanted to blend in and just be unseen. Yet always been the tall one who stuck out a head above the rest so I’ve always tried my best to make myself smaller in every other way.

Whilst forever people watching from the sidelines, silently wishing I could be just like them, “so cool and carefree” until one day was like a light bulb moment where I realised. Why can’t I just be?

The only person standing in my way amd holding me back was myself, and so my journey began. I started to do things for me, wear things to make me smile, do things to make me feel good, telling myself ‘yes I can’.

I stopped worrying about what other people might say or think, realising now it’s a reflection of their own insecurities not of me. From there I’ve been able to grow, see myself differently, appreciate I have so much more to give than the way I look. My body is not the enemy, we are in this together and always will be. They deserve my respect and acknowledgement more than anyone. I deserve my own love and kindness more than anyone ♥

An equal part of body positivity is the representation of couples in media and movies. As couples, we also come in different shapes and sizes.

I define me. I embrace who I am. I strive to live a healthy positive life. I love the person I am inside and out. Anyone who judges me or tries to define before knowing me, are missing out on a good friend and relationship. Cause I am a GOOD THING!! I AM A VIRTUOUS WOMAN! – Wanda Cahoon

I might never get to know her personally but I think Lizzo for being among the ones leading the path towards body positivity and acceptance.

Follow her and respect her.

While I enjoy taking self portraits, this space wasn’t intended to be all about me but hopefully to be an inspiration and encouragement to you that you are unique, individual and created in excellent. See the person in the mirror as worthy, valuable and worthy of love, respect and honor. You are a treasure to behold.

Wanda Cahoon on body positivity, “Love the skin you are. Accept who you are and focus on just being healthy rather than skinny. Don’t let you appearance stop you from enjoying LIFE!”


The Embody Project prayer.

by Erica Mueller

May all beings be happy naked.May all beings know our own beauty and the beauty of those around us.

May we celebrate ourselves and each other.

May we see our similarities through our differences.

May we recognize the fleeting and precious nature of this life.

May all beings be free.